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Fireos provides business analysis and project management services to design and implement technical and organizational environments.

Previous projects in the wider securities finance business.include:

  • Pre-analysis for Sungard Apex implementation for leading European investment bank
  • Implementation of AUKI compliance of the London SBL desk of a non-british investment bank
  • Make or buy analysis re new SBL system for European investment bank (Benchmark analysis: inhouse vs Sungard Martini vs ION Anvil)
  • Cross country merger of a Repo with a SBL desk onto a common and new system infrastructure with centralized back office and risk management services
  • Inhouse development of an SBL system for a market leading asset manager and its integration into the core systems
  • Enhancing an inhouse SBL system for the domestic German market to become a global SBL system, allowing the bank to operate their business on 5 continents
  • Implemention of SBL trading system KTEK Global One (today: Sungard's Global One)
  • Implementation of SBL trading system TCAM CMS (today: 4sight's 4SF)

Data reconciliation projects include trade and position reconciliations for

  • SBL and Repo
  • Other security products (including cash equity and fixed income products, options, futures and other derivatives)
  • Money market products
  • inter company reconciliations (along the value chain)
  • intra company reconciliations (e.g. customer vs custodian, Equilend, etc.) 

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